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Gum recession: causes and treatments

gingival recession

What is gum recession?

Gum recession occurs when the gum line surrounding the teeth recedes or wears away , leaving more of the tooth, or even its root, exposed. This exposure can lead to a host of problems, from tooth sensitivity to cavities in the roots of teeth, and can seriously affect oral health and smile aesthetics.

The causes of gum recession are multiple, including inadequate brushing techniques (too vigorous or with a toothbrush that is too hard), genetic conditions, smoking , poor oral hygiene , and periodontal disease . It is crucial to recognize these risk factors and address them to prevent or limit its progression.

Difference Between Gingivitis and Gum Recession

Although often confused, gingivitis and gum recession are distinct. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums , often the first stage of periodontal disease , characterized by red, swollen gums that bleed easily when brushing or flossing.

On the other hand, it involves a physical receding of the gums which can be permanent without professional intervention. While gingivitis can lead to gum recession if left untreated, they require distinct treatment approaches.

To prevent these conditions, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive oral care routine, including the use of a sonic electric toothbrush that cleans effectively without harming the gums, regular use of dental floss and interdental brushes to remove plaque between teeth, and regular visits to the dentist. At Myvariations, our products are designed to provide a superior cleaning experience while being gentle on your gums, helping you maintain a healthy mouth and vibrant smile.

Causes of gum recession

Gum recession can be triggered by a variety of factors, often interconnected, affecting the health of your gums. 🌟

  • Aggressive brushing : Using excessive force or a hard-bristled toothbrush can damage the delicate gum tissue, leading to its removal. Opting for a sonic electric toothbrush from Myvariations, designed for effective cleaning while being gentle on the gums, can help prevent this problem.

  • Periodontal disease: Infections caused by plaque and tartar can destroy the supporting tissue of the tooth, including gums and bone. This is a major cause, highlighting the importance of excellent oral hygiene and regular check-ups with the dentist.

  • Lifestyle habits: smoking, poor diet, and certain oral piercings can increase the risk of gum recession. These habits can affect the body's ability to repair itself and fight infections, contributing to receding gums.

  • Genetic factors: For some, gum recession may be a genetic predisposition.

Signs and symptoms

Recognizing the signs of gum recession can allow you to seek treatment before the condition worsens. Here are some symptoms to watch for:

  • Tooth sensitivity: one of the first signs is increased sensitivity, particularly to hot or cold , due to exposure of the tooth root.

  • Change in appearance of teeth: Teeth may appear longer than before, or you may notice uneven teeth due to receding gums.

  • Swollen or painful gums : Although more commonly associated with gingivitis, these symptoms can also indicate progressing gum recession.

  • Bleeding when brushing or flossing : This may indicate gum inflammation and should not be ignored.

Early detection is essential to prevent greater damage. A proper dental routine , including gentle brushing with a sonic electric toothbrush, the use of quality dental floss and interdental brushes , and regular visits to the dentist, can play a crucial role in preventing gum recession. .

Diagnosis of gum recession

Accurate diagnosis is the first step towards effective treatment. Here's how dental professionals typically do it:

  • Clinical examination: The dentist or periodontist (a gum specialist) will perform a detailed examination of your gums, looking for signs of recession. This includes assessing color, consistency, and the presence of periodontal pockets (spaces created by receding gums around the tooth).

  • Measurement of periodontal pockets: using an instrument called a periodontal probe, the professional will measure the depth of the pockets around each tooth to determine the extent of gum recession.

  • X-rays: Dental X-rays may be taken to assess bone loss around affected teeth.

The importance of regular visits to the dentist cannot be underestimated. These appointments not only help detect it early but also monitor general oral health, thereby preventing further dental problems.

Treatments available

Once gum recession is diagnosed, several treatment options are possible, depending on the severity of the condition.

  • Conventional treatments:

    • Gum grafting: One of the most common surgical procedures to treat gum recession. Tissue is taken from another part of the mouth (often the palate) and grafted onto the affected area to encourage gum tissue regeneration.

    • Guided Tissue Regeneration: This procedure encourages the natural growth of lost bone and gum tissue using biocompatible membranes.

  • Non-surgical treatments:

    • Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing): This procedure involves deep cleaning of the roots of the teeth to remove plaque and tartar accumulated below the gum line, helping to control infection and encourage tissue healing.

    • Behavior modification: Education on proper brushing techniques and the importance of oral hygiene can go a long way in preventing the progression of gum recession.

The role of correcting brushing and oral hygiene is fundamental in the management of gingival recession. Using a sonic electric toothbrush , like those offered by Myvariations, can help clean effectively while being gentle on the gums. Combined with regular use of floss and interdental brushes, this is an effective strategy for maintaining oral health and preventing gum recession.

Preventing gum recession

Prevention is the key to avoiding the development or worsening of gum recession. Here are the actions to take:

  • Use a sonic electric toothbrush that provides effective cleaning without being too aggressive on the gums. Complete your routine with floss and interdental brushes to remove plaque and food debris between teeth.

  • Correct brushing technique: Brush teeth with gentle movements, avoiding excessive pressure which can damage the gums.

  • Regular dental visits: Regular check-ups help detect signs of gum recession and other dental problems early, facilitating less invasive and more effective procedures.

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Avoid smoking and limit the consumption of sugary or acidic foods and drinks which can contribute to the breakdown of teeth and gums.

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